The BEST Rapper In Rec Room?! | Rec Room With Cheffory (Episode 2)

Hey Chef Crew, so I’m pretty sure I found the best Rec Room rapper, around. Join me as we encounter someone with a bad mic, meet the best rapper ever, get into a rap battle & even meet @Daily Dose Of Internet ! I hope you guys enjoy the video!

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OnlyCans: Thirst Date is Why I Now Hate Soda

Ahoy, fellow soda lovers, Join Cheffory on his playthrough of what is probably the most traumatizing indie game on the Steam store, OnlyCans: Thirst Date! This game puts a whole new spin on the soda that you love and enjoy so much. This is part one of the letโ€™s play series, and if you want to see a part two let me know in the comments below! Enjoy the gameplay!

OnlyCans is a weird indie game available for free on the Steam store, that takes Shize soda and puts it into an OnlyFans-like website. You will never look at soda the same again.

OnlyCans Thirst Date

In OnlyCans, you play as a subscriber to the titular OnlyCans, a subscription service for people who lust after canned soft drinks. It’s basically a rhythm game with mild dating-sim elements. Click at the prescribed time and you’ll grab the perfect snapshot and gain a score multiplier. After 45 seconds, the session is over, and depending on how well you did you might gain access to the next can on OnlyCans.


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