The BEST Player EVER?! | The Floor is Still Really Cheap Lava

Join Cheffory as he plays The Floor is Still Really Cheap Lava, and embarks on his let’s play journey to be the BEST player EVER! This game really reminds me of a new age and more fun Temple Run! I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay and the video!

The Floor is Still Really Cheap Lava is a free to play game by Congo Jungle Games, where you avoid randomly placed cheap lava and collect various power-ups along the way to see how far you can get!

This Game is TRIPPY! | Bizzarioware

Bizzarioware is an indie game developed by It is a collection of microgames lasting no longer than 30 seconds, much like WarioWare by Nintendo, but with a trippy spin. Join Cheffory as he loses his mind trying to enjoy these brain melting games.

Check out Bizzarioware for yourself!

Bizzariowareย is your all access pass to wasting time immersed in a fast-paced hypercosmic void of micro design. ย That distant yet familiar feeling of throwing back an off-brand energy drink as you race down the freeway two hours before the sun comes up and underglows bypass your pupils, piercing straight through your retinas.ย 

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Did I Get The Job?! | Don’t Get The Job

Ahoy fellow gamers, join Cheffory, in this video as he tries his best to NOT get the job! Which sounds like a simple task, but is it really that easy? Don’t Get The Job is a game created by River Forge Games. Don’t Get The Job was released March 1st 2021. In this game, Your recruiter has accidentally set up an interview with some crazy people at a company called The Forum! Your task is simple, just go through the motions and whatever you do, DON’T get the job. But as it turns out, that’s a bit harder than you might’ve originally thought!

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