Goals for 2021

Now that we’re 17 days into the new year, I think it’s a good time to write down and express my goals for the year. These in no way are New Years resolutions or none of that. Just things I would like to see myself do. Anyways, no wise man has ever said “I did it because it was my news years resolution.”

  • Money

I would like to make more money. In investments. Investments in others and investments in myself. There’s a lot for me to learn on this, however with determination I can easily conquer this goal.

  • Creativity

I would like for myself to express my creativity more and broadcast it all for everyone to see. This means me going harder on my website, actually bringing myself to make YouTube videos and hopefully music once again. I don’t fear for the fact I haven’t been in a lot of these areas lately, true art doesn’t die, so if I don’t wanna make music for a year, I see no problem in that. Fuck anyone else’s opinion, and fuck anyone saying I’m lost.

  • Ascending

I use the word a ascending to describe my freedom in thought. The freedom of not giving a single fuck about what anyone thinks. Something that everyone on this planet struggles with. At my core I am built on the idea of not caring. I’ve never given a shit. I care about what I care about, but if it doesn’t fit in my realm of caring, I don’t. Sometimes I get caught up in worrying about others and their opinions. I need to stop that. I am great, my content is great, and that’s great.

All in all, I have a lot of plans for this year. I want to grow. I want to create how and what I want to create freely. Thanks if you read this. Let’s move on up.

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